"Jack Techno Music" is a techno expert label.
Started as "Music Label JTM",
the predecessor of Japanese artist "Yokushe" in 2014
The first title was "Dawn Energy",
a physical release on CD.
In 2017 renamed "Jack Techno Music".
Up to now we have released 15 titles.

That style deals with AcidTechno, DarkTechno,
HardTechno, DeepMinimal,
From a small lounge to a large rave party,
We offer a variety of lineup.

Also, the sounds we deal with are not just floor preferences,
Even under various circumstances
it needs to be "music that raises your mood".
Because not one method to listen to music.

Based on these policies "Jack Techno Music" is operated.

"Jack Techno Music" is mainly digital distribution,
We are also considering physical releases.

© 2017 Jack Techno Music All rights reserved.
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